Friday, July 4, 2014

All About 'Merica // If You're New To The Country

Happy 4th, everyone! In honor of the holiday, today's Blog Everyday in July prompt was to write about "all things 'Merica."

I know what 'Merica (also: 'Murica) is.  I think.  I was pretty sure it had something to do with our country, and the fact that we're writing about it on Independence Day pretty much confirmed my suspicions.  Just to be safe, I did some research.


or, alternatively, 

So, there are options.  The cool thing about you having this information is that now you can talk in code:


Friend: What do you want to study for our biology project?

Me: 'Murica! 

And no one would know that we're talking about sea snails. 


I guess there are options in this department as well.  I found the rest of this post pretty entertaining - check it out  here.

How to use it: 

From what I gathered, 'Merica ('Murica) is pretty much a form of yolo that is exclusive to the United States and can be used as such. 


Me: I just ate 12 double decker s'mores!

Friend: 'Murica! Well, I'm going to go drive backwards down the road until I hit something. 

Me: Right on! 'Murica!

Any time you want to/already have done something stupid, you can explain it away with a hearty "'Murica!"

What to eat:

The esteemed 'Merica burger, everyone.  Invented just for the good old U S of A's birthday last year.  If you're a true 'Merican, you should be drooling right now. 

What to wear: 

Fortunately, 'Merica is a well-developed brand which will never leave its supporters without clothing.  Plenty of options.  I hear that basically anything redneck-ish will do. 

Apparently the creators of the 'Merica                  Wear this out of the country at your own
burger were on to something.                                     risk. 

To counteract the bad image any of         Hahahaha. Second amendment puns. 
the above may give about 'Merica. 

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Have a great 'Murica day!


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