Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Blog So Hard // And Link Sharing

Considering the topic of this post, that title came out sounding kind of caveman-esque.  "I no want blog today. Blog so hard!"


Okay, so I'm going to get a little mushayyy.  Today feels kind of like the last day of summer camp or something, because, if you've also been blogging everyday in July with Juliette, Faith, and Allie, we've been linking to the same link up for A MONTH! And as excited as I am to do recipe posts and Jesus posts and workout posts and whatever the heck I want to write about that day posts, I'm going to miss being able to easily read what everyone else who's been linking up for July has to say.  It's sad.  Sooo . . . ta-da! Yet another link up. It's the virtual equivalent of lining up our dairies on the cabin floor and writing our phone numbers down in each one.  Here's how it works:

1.  Add links to your Twitter, Instagram, Bloglovin, and one other social media account at most. That's four total . . . sorry, we just can't have like 23483 accounts per person flying around all willy nilly.

2.  Enter your links like I did.  The URL to your social media account goes where the URL to your blog post would normally go.  For your name, enter as so:  Name @ Blog Name - Social Media Platform. I'm not tech saavy, so you have to enter each link separately. #SorryNotSorry . . . oh, wait.  That was yesterday, wasn't it?

3.  Click around to some of your fellow link-uppers' accounts! I mean, just click all the links if you have time! This link up is way more fun if everybody gets clicking, so please don't link up unless you plan to spread the social media love!

4.  Thanks for linking up!  Hopefully, this will help all of us who have been participating in the Blog Everyday in July Challenge to stay connected once July is over and we're no longer being challenged to blog every single day.

5.  The  "add link" button is really far away, at the bottom of the page.  Go find that button!

Aight, lets get down to business (til the Hunnsss ariiiiive, thanks Mulan / Ping.)  The topic on this last day of July is "Why Blogging is Hard."  I don't really want to talk about why blogging is hard . . . I feel like if I do that, I'm going to get really discouraged and have a breakdown and never ever finish this post.  We don't want that.  So, I'm going to try to talk about why blogging isn't hard, but in sarcastic terms so that I can still name this post "blog so hard."

Blogging is hard because . . .

| I get to write about whatever I want, whenever I want.  Granted, this can make blogging really, non-sarcastically hard sometimes.  Some days my brain doesn't want to come up with original, interesting content and I just kind of wish that there was someone blog guru somewhere giving me topics and forcing me to meet deadlines.  The majority of the time, though, I'm so thankful that I get to blog about what I'm excited about at any time of the day, including when I'm lying in bed (shout out to the Blogger app.)

| There is already a great community of bloggers out there to tap into.  Once again,  there's a side to that that creates actual difficulty - it can be hard to create a concept, title, and even a URL that hasn't already been done.  However, it's really great on the support side of things.  As a new-ish blogger, I haven't had to look too hard to find people who are willing to help me, link-ups to join, and archives upon archives of posts that inspire me and help me to to grow as a writer.  Yay!

| I don't even have to know how to HTML or anything to do it.  Because you can bet that if I did have to know anything techy in order to blog,  I'd be out of here waaaaay faster than my normal walking pace.

|  My family and friends support - and occasionally read - what I put on my area of the internet.  Originally, my blog was my best-kept secret, mostly because I was afraid that it would be a complete failure (how is that even possible?)  Lately, I'm slowly becoming more and more open about what I've been doing.  It's like an AA meeting or something.  "Hi, I'm Allie, and I've been blogging for a month and a half." "Hiiii Allie."  Anyway.  They're great.

| It gives me something productive to do with my time.  Well, I personally find blogging to be a tiny bit more productive than endless hours of 2048 (not that I've stopped doing that.)  It's also become a great replacement for boredom eating, which is fantastic because  boredom eating left some big pants shoes to fill in the comfort / entertainment department.

| Reading blogs is fun.  I really, really like reading blogs.  It's just so fun! And those last two sentences were completely unnecessary.  I realize that I could have deleted them, but I wanted to show you how I just wrote two intensely not necessary sentences.  Back to the blogs.  It's really cool to (virtually) get to know people who seem to be my separated at birth twin as well as those who couldn't be more different than me, especially because we tend to put a lot of work into our blogs.  Getting the chance to see a part of someone's life that they have poured their heart into is something that doesn't just happen every day.

Alright, so that's why blogging is hard.  And as much as I tried to pretend it was a piece of cake up there for my own sake, it really can be difficult sometimes all the time - snaps to all you bloggers out there! You're awesome! Now go give me your social media info so that we can stalk each other stay friends! Thanks!


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