Saturday, July 12, 2014

Dinner Party // The Five People I'd Invite

Today's prompt asked who we'd want to have dinner with if we could choose any five people. Here's my lineup! 

Malcolm Gladwell.  
Age: 50
Claim to fame: Outstanding middle distance runner - ran a 4:05 1500 to win the high school championship of his province.  Author of Outliers, Blink, The Tipping Point, and What the Dog Saw,  and David and Goliath, some of my favorite books of all times.  Writer for the New Yorker.  Writes mostly about the hidden connections in social sciency stuff, which is extremely interesting. 
Pros:  He spends a lot of time interviewing people, so he'd keep the conversation lively and interesting by asking the right questions.  Wikipedia says that he recently rediscovered his Christian faith, so it's be really interesting to talk to him about that.
Cons: I've got him chalked up as one of, if not the most, interesting men in the world.  It would just be a shame if he let me down, but I think the chances of that are pretty slim. 

Sarah Lang.
Age: 122
Claim to fame: Raised eight children on her own after the death of her husband, all of whom grew up to become outstanding fathers, husbands, and now, grandparents.  
Pros:  It must take some kind of person to do that, and I'd imagine that she'd have the best stories to tell. I think I could learn a lot about life from her, and it would definitely shift my perspective on things. 
Cons: Well, there's a picture of Sarah in my grandparents' house (my grandpa is one of the eight), and it's always kind of creeped me out.  So I'd have to get past that. 

Kerri Walsh.
Age: 35
Claim to fame: Three time Olympic beach volleyball champion
Pros:  Every time I've seen an interview featuring Kerri Walsh, she's just seemed to down-to-earth and open, not cocky at all!  It seems like it would be fun just to be around her, plus there's that whole volleyball thing that I'd love to talk to her about. 
Cons: Things could get awkward between her and Great Grandma Sarah. Kerri seems pretty friendly and bubbly; Sarah was anything but. 

Missionary kid.
Claim to fame: Being a missionary kid in another country and, judging by the missionary kids I know, handling it remarkable well. 
Pros:  They would have the experience of growing up in another culture, and I could listen to someone talk about that for hours. And hours.  Also, they'd considerably lower the median age at the table. 
Cons: Might feel a little uncomfortable with me and all the old timers. 

Albert Pujols.
Age: 34
Claim to fame:  Being a fantastic baseball player with the St. Louis Cardinals for 10ish years before ditching them for the Los Angeles Angels, fantasticness dropping drastically. 
Pros: I'm a Cardinals fan.  Growing up, Dad was a huge fan of Pujols, not just for the way he played, but for his integrity and character.  You can imagine that when he headed to LA, presumably for more money and a longer contract, I was a little disappointed that he let something like a few zillion dollars take him away.  That event has left me unsure of whether he's a good guy or not, and I'd like to set the score straight. 
Cons: I'm a Cardinals fan, and he left.  Seeing him might bring up a whole slough of emotions I don't care to feel .

The six of us would eat fish tacos on corn tortillas topped with avocados and a bunch of other delicious fish taco toppings and drink ICE flavored sparkling water.  And for dessert there would be a giant bowl of Reese's pieces and it would be perfect. 

Also, you know that hour glass in Harry Potter that runs slower the better the conversation is? The one that Professor Slughorn has? I'm pretty sure it would be going backwards!

Later, we'd invite Juliette, Allie, and Faith to talk about the Blog Everyday in July challenge with us!

Who would you have dinner with?


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