Monday, July 21, 2014

GIFs // No, Not Like The Nut Butter

This is going to be pretty sick.  As in, a serious case of word vomit.  Well, more like the kind of word vomit that would happen if I had also consumed, along with the words, a large side order of GIFs.   I'm not sure who coined the term "word vomit", but I like it.  Also, I feel like it's not completely accurate because regular vomiting is not fun and word vomiting is.  Additionally, sometimes word vomiting can be a nice break from the norm, whereas regular vomiting is a break from the norm but rarely nice.  

So, when I found out that we had to do GIFs today (as a part of the Blog Everyday in July challenge) I was like:

because I had never used a GIF in a blog post ever and so obviously they were really, really hard to use.  And unfortunately some of us don't have a source of unlimited free GIFs that we can use without even naming names, so where was I even supposed to find GIFs that I could use without being arrested if the police ever read my blog? 

I was having a tough time (understandably so, considering the circumstances), so I ate, duh. 

Which made the situation a lot better.  

Then I Googled "How to Use a GIF/Image" and apparently it's easier than it sounds.  So I gave it a shot. And I successfully added this GIF to my post. 

Isn't it so cute? Why doesn't my cat do this? I'm getting a new cat.  Bye, Si/Pepper.  And that is how I discovered that GIFs are a wonderful thing. 

As you can imagine, I was feeling kind of like this ish after that little win. 


You know, fabulous.  So I thought, "You know what would be really cool? If I MADE MY OWN GIFs for this post! It would literally be my day in GIFs! Why didn't I do that? I should totally do that!" 

Yeah. And then I was like, "Great idea Miss I-Just-Learned-How-To-Use-A-GIF."

But, I mean, it was kind of a fun idea.  

Then, my dad went to bed and I was left basically alone in the house at night and lonely, and so I turned on the TV and was really really reallllllly hoping that Friends would be on.  

But I knew I had about as big of a chance of watching Friends tonight as Andy up there probably does of getting whatever he wants.  

If you don't watch The Office, you may think that that's a good thing.  I'm here to tell you it's not.  What Andy wants rarely happens, which is why The Office is funny and I was so sad. 

But I scrolled through the channels even though I knew it wasn't happening. And guess what? 

Which means that, obviously, all the Friends celebrated with me. 

And that is how, thanks to Juliette, Faith, and Allie, I overcame my fear of GIFs. 

Oh! And you know what I just realized? JK Rowling totally invented GIFs! Remember these? 

Yep.  Before it was cool. 

Anyway, from here on out, I can tell that there will probably be a lot more GIF vomit.  And if anyone asks who coined the term GIF vomit, that was me. 



  1. BAHAHAH! I felt the some way when I saw the topic and I'm pretty sure I didn't follow the prompt correctly. But oh well. ALSO I LOVE the idea that JK Rowling created the GIF first. Brilliant. Cuz you're right she did. She's brilliant too. I mean obviously!

    Stopping by from the link up! :)

    1. Um, I checked out your post and it totally followed the prompt because 1. it had GIFs 2. do your days not include Grey's Anatomy? I know, I realized it and my mind was just completely blown! This is why she's so great!

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  3. JK ROWLING INVENTED GIFS! That's bloody brilliant! (See what I did there?) You're a wizard (er, witch), Allie!

    1. Hahaha, you're great. Um, bloody great? Should we get a butterbeer to celebrate?

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  5. OMG - the friends gifs... HAHA!! and I am so glad I'm not the only one late to the gif party. I only really started using them when I started this 'blog every day in July' thing and now I think I'm a tad obsessed. BTW - let me know if you figure out an easy way to make the gifs. I tried and didn't have the patience...

    1. I love the fat Monica one the most, haha! I know, now that I know they're as easy to use as a regular picture, this blog is basically going to be GIFs on GIFs on Gifs, forever. I will for sure! I really want to figure it out!

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  7. I love all of the Friend's GIFs!!! And of course a good Emma GIF always fits in perfectly!!!


    1. The Emma GIF may be my favorite of all times, even if it hits a liiiiiiiittle too close to home sometimes!


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