Wednesday, July 23, 2014

In The Current // What's Happening With Me Right Here, Right Now

Can that be a phrase?  It would be used similarly to "hip" or "with it".  I.e.  "My mom is so in the current."  (Welcome, Mom!)  For my intents and purposes, in the current is a phrase.  Jump in and get with the flow - here's what's going on with me in the current. 

Reading: An IOU note from my little sister to my mom that reads as follows: You owe Brooke $1.80 (or possibly $.80? I'm not sure how many lines she puts through her dollar sign. I know, my own sister.) Oh, to be young and wealthy.  

Writing: ummmm . . . duh.  But if currently means just kind of generally in the same time period as I'm in right now,  I'm trying to write all my blog posts for this week and schedule them so I have time to work out, sleep, and socialize later on. 

Listening:  Born Free by Kid Rock, courtesy of a Chevy commercial.  I want you to know that I worked hard to find that out, because I care about the quality of the content I post.  I had my dad pause and rewind the commercial and then I Shazamed it with my phone and now you can all know exactly what I was listening to when I wrote this. 

Thinking:  It's times like these when I wish I had cooler thoughts.   About how I never want to make cookies ever again. 

Smelling:  Cookies being made.  

Wishing:  That my little sister wasn't such a compassionate person so that she wouldn't have wanted to do a cookie fundraiser and I wouldn't be still working on baking 380584 dozen cookies.  JK, I'm really proud of her.  I'm just kind of over the cookie thing.  Couldn't we have just bought all the donors apples?

Hoping: Those cookies aren't burning.  Because then I would have to hit Kroger for the third time today and then the workers will start to wonder about me.  

Wearing: I'm pretty sure that I'm a 100% pure-bred Target (pronounced: tar-jay) wearer right now. This skirt definitely is.  It's a skater skirt and it's soft and tribal and I wear it probably once a week. 

Wanting: This mosquito bite on my ankle to stop itching.  Why are my ankle bones so dang attractive to mosquitos? Why? 

Loving:  La Da Dee, that extremely catchy, summery song from the mouth of Cody Simpson.  And if you think I'm crazy, just give it a listen.  I dare you. 

Now, tell me that it's not stuck in your head and you don't completely hate it. 

Needing: A salty snack.  I have been craving one all day, and my needs are being met because I finally caved and went for some Veggie Dippin' Chips, which earn their healthy-sounding name by including a minuscule amount of kale in the ingredient list. Hey, I'll take it.  

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  1. My sisters and I used to bake for a hospice, and you're absolutely right. For the first 100 whatevers, you're all fired up about what a good deed you're doing and then after that it's more like, "no. more..." Good for you and your sister though!

    1. That's really cool! Yep, I thought I would never eat a cookie ever again . . . and got over it easily by the next day, fortunately. Thank you:)


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