Saturday, July 5, 2014

Never Will I Ever // Things I Do Not Like

Well, looky here! It's day 6 and we're all still here, blogging every day in July! Good job, fellow bloggers, and thanks to everyone reading! Today, we're all about what we're not about. 

Things I'll never do:

| Ride the Tower of Terror in Disneyworld or otherwise.  Because people get their legs chopped off on those things, and I value my legs too much to let that happen.

| Intentionally speed. or run a red light.  or break any other traffic law.  No, officer, I would not like a ticket.  No sir. 

| Marry a gross, sleazy man.  Well, you asked.  I'm not doing that.  

| Shave my whole entire head.  Actually, I'd love to do that.  But what if I have an oddly shaped head? Or I end up looking like a man? Too risky. 

| Hang those furry dice on my rear view mirror.  I'm just not digging it. 

| Marry a man I just met.  Duh. Have you seen Frozen?

| Do drugs.  I spent way too much of my childhood being told to "just say no" to even dream of going against that.  Plus they're bad for you and cause you to make questionable judgements.  

| Live alone.  I am super scared of that, and I'm pretty sure I always will be.  I need something - a dog, my little sister, something, or I promise you I will not sleep at night. 

| Become a computer genius.  I'm just not wired that way, pun intended. Which is weird because I have a blog, so I'm voluntarily doing what I'm bad at on the daily. I think that builds character, or something.

| Buy a pop from a restaurant that has free water. Ok, I can't say never ever, but I'd rather not because I'm cheap thrifty money smart and the markup on that stuff is ridiculous.

| Have a tarantula as a pet. Ewwwww. And apparently they explode when you drop them? And I drop things quite a lot. So, yeah, bad idea. You're welcome, Mr. Tarantula.

| Play in the NBA.  I'm a female, so.

Recap: No breaking the law, no looking or acting like a man, no marrying a gross, sleazy man I just met, even if I'm on the brink of having to live by myself. Other than that, I'm game.

In other news, I'm heading out today for the gorgeous, sunny, ocean beaches of South Carolina, which means that I am going to ingest a lot of salty sea water, step on and eat crabs (not the same ones), and get very tan.  In other words, I'm not going to have a ton of time for blog-related activities.  I plan to keep linking up with the Blog Everyday in July challenge, but beyond that I am going to ruthlessly banish my phone to airplane mode and get as much face time with the coast as I possibly can! That way, when I get back, I can give you the best recap possible.  Sullivan's Island is such a babe.  I can't wait for you to see it. 

Blogging about things we don't want to do all day, erreday with Juliette, Faith, and Allie



  1. Peoples legs actually get chopped off?!?!?

    Also, I'm super jealous of your beach vacation! Have a great time!

    1. I've heard horror stories about the smaller versions of that - not the one in Disney! Mostly I'm just terrified of dropping super fast, hahah! And, thank you! We're on the way now and I'm super excited!

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  3. Love your recap! I'm terrible at taking rides like that :( I also value my legs lol

  4. Thank you:) Well, I mean they're pretty important!

  5. I love your list! I think marrying a gross, sleazy guy would be awful. And the living alone part as well.

    1. Thanks!! I agree (obviously), but yes, gross, sleazy men are not good husband material.


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