Friday, July 25, 2014

The App-Solute Best // What's On My Phone

Punny, punny.  Happy Friday, blog reading people! The Blog Everyday in July challenge is winding down, and that's kind of making me nervous because, what? I have to come up with my own content? Original ideas? Thinking? Do I even know how to do that anymore?  I just kind of sit around at my computer and do whatever Juliette, Faith, and Allie tell me to do.  Share my most embarrassing story? Sure.  Guilty pleasures? Why not?  I like telling people about my solo dance parties.  Apparently, I'd pretty much be willing to jump off a cliff if I thought it was required for one of the prompts.

Take today, for instance.  I have to tell you guys all about the apps I use.  The horror!  Okay, its not that bad, and I'm doing it.  Here we are:

 I think Timehop might be one of those relationships that is kind of damaging but that I continue to invest in anyway because I can't stay away.  You link it to any and all social media / picture storing places that you can, and then every day it delivers you the pictures you took on that day for the past million bajillion years. plus a little fun fact about that day so you don't feel like a loser if you didn't take any pictures on that day.  Also, its mascot is this cute little guy, so that's huge draw.

I don't have a panorama tool on my phone naturally, so this app makes me able to take them! The coolest part is that the app saves each panorama as a 360 degree image, which you can view by sliding your finger across the screen.  It really helps to capture a scene in a way normal pictures just don't.

Not that you guys don't know about this, or that it needs my help to become popular. But I like Instagram.


   Evil. Don't get it.  I have it, and I like it (I think), but don't get it.              
   The time it takes to win is not worth it, and you WILL have to    
   win. And it will ruin your life because you will stay up until 2 AM
   watching some Real Housewives and playing it.

And that's my phone, basically.  Occasionally I call or text someone, but I prefer the company of pictures of my friends that can't actually respond to me and a cartoon dinosaur.  Kidding!  Except, that dino is so. cute.



  1. Replies
    1. Seriously. I couldn't get over it!

  2. omg I hate/love 2048 !! hahah. I have gotten one block to say 1024 before! But that's it. Bummer.

    1. I know! I'm still not sure if I'm glad I was introduced to it or not . . . good for you! That probably means you haven't spent as much time playing as me ;)


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