Saturday, July 19, 2014

The Dog Days of Summer // Literally, A Post Dedicated to Photos of My Adorable Dog

 You guys don't even know how much time I have spent wishing I was my dog this past year.  Throughout the last ten months, school got hard, friendships got complicated, and I got a bad haircut, all of which left me with this ridiculous jealousy of our Shih Tzu puppy who, by the way, is uneducated, rarely fights with his peers, and looks cute regardless of the way his fur is laying that day.  I'd look up from an impossible equation to see Eddie chilling on the air conditioning vent (pun intended), and ask him, out loud and very hopefully, if we could please switch places for the day.

Basically, I've been prepared for today's Blog Everyday in July prompt for quite a while.  It took about twenty seven seconds from the moment I started to thinking about who I'd want to switch places with for the day to the moment I decided to write about my dog.

If I was Eddie, I'd start my day off in the bed that I stole from the cat (who moved out shortly thereafter) to do some reading.

After that, that lady who feeds me every day would probably wake up and take me for a walk.  And I would prance around and smell / pee on whatever I wanted to and no one would care.  Not that that is necessary a high priority of mine, but I'm just saying.  That's how it would be. 

By the time we'd get back, the kids would be awake, and if I stared at them long enough like this:

or if that didn't do it, like this: 

they'd most likely play with me. 

After all that play, I'd get down to business and throw down with the soccer ball that I'd been trying to intimidate into submission since I could remember.

There! Got it. 

At some point, I'd have to pose with the fans.  You gotta think about the little people. 

I'd try to look very interested, of course, but I'd have so many important things to do! 

Like, for instance, tracking bugs in the grass . . . 

and being my usual heartbreaker of a self.  

And at the end of the day, I'd find myself a washcloth fresh from the dryer and fall asleep, because being a very cute black dog is apparently a lot more work that it's cracked up to be. 

The only problem with the whole switching places with Eddie thing is that I couldn't link up with Juliette, Faith, and Allie, despite whatever fantastical ideas Dog with a Blog is planting in impressionable little kids' minds.  Disney channel is just not the same anymore. 


If you could switch places with someone for the day, would you? 

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