Tuesday, July 8, 2014

There's No One Here Beside Me // What I Do Alone

So, today we're talking about stuff I do when I'm alone.  And this prompt is sounding suspiciously like the guilty pleasures one; in other words, I'm feeling like I'm being pumped for information or something.  BUT I signed up for this, so I'll tell you all my secrets. Fine. Also, extra points are being awarded for mentioning the not wearing of pants, so that's fun! I love bonus points! 

Oh, and another thing. There's a reason that I do stuff I do alone when I'm by myself, and that reason is not that I want the entire blog reading world to know about it! It's just not.  Alright, so let's just get down to it and get it over with.

Honestly, though, some things are just more enjoyable without company. I love people, but some activites are just not conducive to socializing.  So, while these aren't that secret (sorry, I lied) I do prefer to do them alone.  

| Reading a novel.  I've actually tried to turn this into a group activity before, and it wasn't that successful. #betteroffalone

| Going for a long walk to think things over.  Some people think through their mouths; I think through my head.  #betteroffalone

| Working out.  I like excercising with friends, a lot, but I usually try to make sure we're pretty close first, so that my gym buddy doesn't run for the hills when they see what a sweaty, drippy mess I become after the warm up. #betteroffalone

| Cleaning my room.  Every time my sister and I try to clean our room together, we end up hurting ourselves.  It's a pretty small room as NOT WEARING PANTS it is, but if you add 3ish weeks worth of dirty clothes to the floor and a deep sea of various other odds and ends, it can get downright treacherous. #betteroffalone

| Baking. I go all Gordon Ramsay cane get a little bossy in the kitchen.  I think it stems from my passion for eating creating delicious cuisine, and I just have to aim for perfection. Or something. #betteroffalone

| Driving.  I can be a little scary when I drive.  Think: barely passing my road test.  Mind you, I don't do illegal things, but it's not always a smooth ride. Plus I like rolling the windows down and blasting the music, which doesn't do much to help conversation flow.  #betteroffalone

| Shopping for clothes.  I enjoy hanging out at the mall with my friends, trying on sunglasses and hats and taking selfies in said unpaid for getup, as much as the next teenager.  But if I have some serious shopping to get done,  every added person ups the pressure to get a move on and not try on the clothes I'm buying, leading to bad decisions and a nasty case of buyer's remorse later.  #betteroffalone

That's all! And about this whole not wearing pants business...1) I mentioned it in the post so, extra points? Anyone? and 2) I sometimes don't wear pants even when there are people around, which makes it totally irrelevant to this post.  I just felt like that should be mentioned. 

Blogging is not an activity during which I'm #betteroffalone, so I'm linking up with Juliet, Allie, and Faith for post numero eight!



  1. I can only read if Im home alone otherwise I get aggravated at the noisy people around me.

    1. Yep! The worst is when someone walks up and asks what I'm reading - I usually just show them the cover and say nothing.

  2. I love to bake!! Some things are just better when you're alone.

    1. Me. Too. So much! It's my go-to when I'm stressed - I'll have a million more important things to be doing, but I just have to bake!

  3. I tried reading in a group but it's not the same although when I'm really into my book I could read in a crowded train station lol

    1. Subject matter definitely makes a difference! When I'm reading for school, I have to have silence - literally anything I can focus on instead of my textbook will distract me! But I could probably read a really good book while someone is talking to me and never even notice.


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