Thursday, July 10, 2014

We Heart Summer // A Bucket List

PART OF TODAY'S PROMPT MENTIONED A SUMMER BUCKET LIST AND I TOTALLY HAVE ONE!! It is two screen shots long and I worked very hard on it. 

... wanna see?

I started summer bucket listing a few years ago, and it may possibly be the best idea I have ever had.  I give myself plenty to do, so I'm never bored.  Trying to accomplish everything on the list also keeps me from getting stuck in a rut of poorly disguised routine, like the summer I discovered Disney channel and watched Wizards of Waverly Place 24/7, or the one immediately following that when all I did was work out.  There's more to life than that.  There's Nickelodeon, and cake, and summer bucket lists help me to make sure I appreciate all that the 104 days of summer vacation have to offer.  Stuff like:

| Tagging along to my little sister's horseback riding lessons

| Running, in actual official runs and races. Like the Color Run, pictured below. 

| Taking the time to make - and eat - pancakes for breakfast. 

| Hiking.

| Family vacations.

| Gardening the garden.

| Baseball games.

| Adventures, like this one to the Heidelberg Project in Detroit last July. 

| Swimming in the back yard. 

Well, actually our pool died this year.  But it was fun while it lasted. 

RIP pool. 

| Hammock laying. 

Crossing off a summer bucket list item by completing the Blog Everyday in July challenge with Juliette, Faith, and Allie! Thanks guys!



  1. Biker gang needs to happen! Do share about the death of your pool . . .

  2. YES! I saw a real biker gang today and thought of us, ha! Um, once upon a time my pool got old and went to pool heaven, because it was a really good pool. Its innertube broke and so it couldn't hold water, so it was like a 360 degree waterfall, which was cool until all the water was gone and it was dead.


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