Saturday, August 16, 2014

First Things First Saturday // Brain Vomit

There's going to be brain vomit going on up in here today, because it's Saturday and that just seems right.  Saturday mornings are for big, delicious breakfasts, staying in bed for too long, and vomiting brains.  Am I right? So, the first ten things that come to mind:

| It's cute how I keep trying to invent new kinds of vomit other than word vomit. (I.e.  GIF vomit.)  And now it's time to stop using the word vomit so liberally.  I'm kind of grossing myself out.

| I am really glad striketheough text exists because it helps me in my ever-present struggle to be funny and also lets me admit to a lot off stuff without straight up confessing. 

| I watched TWO scary movies last night, doubling the amount of horror-genre minutes that I've logged in my lifetime.

| Speaking of movies, I watched High School Musical 2 this morning, which was a good life choice, and I am still amazed at the fact that Disney discovered Zac Efron.  Major props.

| Related: Zac Efron is very attractive and an all around great guy, and it would be pointless to try and convince me otherwise.

| My eyelids are trying really hard to close but I'm trying to stop them and so far I am crushing the competition.

| In a surprising turn of events, I'm losing now.

|  I'm really excited to get my senior pictures back, and I hope they're gorg! 

| Did you know that bro-hug is in the dictionary? It's one of those hyphenated deals.

| My pillow pet is making my nose itch BUT ITS SO SOFT!  The struggle is really real, guys.

| School starts again in less than two weeks and I can't do that so I might have 
to skip town. 

And, while we're at it, how about some of my favorite posts from around the Web this week?

| Emily's adorable video

| Another hilariously sarcastic list from Juliette

| Real talk with Allie

Happay Saturday!

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