Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Grown Up // It's Harder Than It Sounds

I am a senior.  I AM a senior.  IIIIIIII amasemior.  I. Am. A. Senior.

No matter which words I emphasize or how often I roll it around in my brain, I cannot get a grip on the fact that I'm in my last year of high school.  Maybe it's the fact that my planner is still decorated with princess stickers? Or it could possibly be the fact that my dad still drops me off there every morning, just like he's been doing since I was five and pretended that his truck was an airplane.  (He teaches at my high school!  I am a responsible driver and have my liscense.  Shame on you for doubting me.).  It's also possible that I'm young at heart and completely not ready to take on the world alone, which is 100% true.  Whether I can stomach it or not, my last nine months of completely not being an adult are here and going quickly, and I feel like I should use them wisely.  You know?  I'm usually a horrible procrastinator, (ie, finishing my summer homework on the way to my first day of school.  Uhhhh. ) but I suddenly have this sense of urgency, like I need to do some stuff like right now.  I rarely, rarely have that feeling.  I've been known to make cupcakes rather than do something that was supposed to be done yesterday or head to Cedar Point the day before school starts with exactly zero of my 7384 pages of summer reading complete. For whatever reason, though, my version of senioritis is causing me to want to get stuff done, before this year over.  I'm really intent on learning adult skills, and so that's what I'll be doing senior year!  Besides, you know, the usual partying hardy every weekend and stuff.  My senior year to do list:

| Consistently use my planner,(yeah, that thing they've been giving me for the last 8 years)  and, as a result, get assignments done before they're due. 

|. Take better care of myself. Including, but not limited to, washing my face right after practice, getting enough sleep (four hours per night is not enough),  and eating healthy food most of the time! 

| Research college and research opportunities.  I'm aware that God knows exactly what I'm going to do, so now it's my turn to look around and see where He's at! 

| Be nice.  As in, learning how to function around people when I'm tired, stressed, hungry, or worse.  As in, I actually have to talk to them and be civil. Practice makes perfect, as they say, so that's what I'm doing this year! 

|. Looking presentable most of the time.  I feel like this will be a good skill to have once I have a job where they care if I do things like show up and school with my hair wet or wear shoes that, while being the best shoes EVER, have holes in them. 

| Take on more responsibilities.  Whether it's putting my own money in the bank or buying myself new clothes or speaking in front of the school,   I'm going to start doing things on my own.  Like, putting gas in the car might be a good one to figure out.  Or maybe not.  //

Okay, so this is a really tall order!  Basically making over my life in five ish broad, all inclusive, complicated steps. Okay.  I'm excited about it, though; growing up kind of marks the pre beginning of a new, exciting part of my life! I'm going to do my best, and, most importantly, enjoy every day before I have to start cooking for myself and doing laundry all the time, because, no thanks.


P.S.  Any tips on how to be an adult?  Um, and does anyone love doing laundry and want to do mine fo freeee? 

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