Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Campaigning #OrNaw // Homecoming Queen

Mid-September means that homecoming season is in full swing, and as a high school student, I am completely geeking out about it.  I mean, come on DRESSES AND FOOTBALL AND DECORATING HALLWAYS AND SPECIAL ACTIVITIES?  Yes, please.  I might die of excitement, but it'll be worth it.

Homecoming week officially starts next Monday, but the school's already buzzing with rumors about the themes of the dress up days and who's going with who and what the girls' dresses look like. Student council is hammering out all the details, and today, the vote that determines the eight nominees for Homecoming court was held.  I did my civic duty and selected the eight guys and eight girls who I thought, in my expert opinion, deserved a shot at being a part of Homecoming court.  At the time, I was pretty sure that I wasn't going to make it and also that I didn't really care.  Um, you guys?  I MADE IT and I definitely did care.  Ask my heart (it tried to escape my rib cage while the names were being announced) and the sweat glands on my palms (they did some work.)  

Unfortunately, there were no paper bags available, but I definitely really really needed one!

So, I was nominated for possible Homecoming royalty along with a few of my closest friends, and that was really cool.  The funny thing is that when you get nominated for Homecoming court, your mind starts to do things to you.  Okay, maybe not you as in you.  You as in me.  I started to be really proud of myself, like to a point that was not at all good. It was all, "I can't believe I made it and she didn't.  I MUST BE THE BEST FREAKING PERSON ON THIS WHOLE ENTIRE PLANET!"  

Which I'm not, so that was not cool. 

Then, I started to plan out what I would say in the campaign video that the Homecoming court gets to make very year.  Each court member is interviewed, and one of the questions is something about why you think you should be homecoming king or queen.  I've got a couple ideas, so I thought that as long as I'm being an arrogant jerk I could run them by you.  Cool? 

1.  Humble:  "Oh, I don't really even care!  It's just been such an honor to be a part of this and I wish the very very veerrrrrry best to the rest of these girls, who are the three best human beings in the world, along with being beautiful, smart, pretty, funny, adventurous, industrious, and stylish.  I don't know what I would do without them." 

2.  I could try referencing a popular movie, "If I'm elected Homecoming queen, I'll do that Mean Girls thing where Cady breaks the crown into pieces and gives it to everyone" should work.

3.  Or, there's straight up honesty, "Well, the Homecoming king last year was really hot, and the Homecoming king from the previous year always crowns the new queen.  So, I was thinking that if I was queen and Mike crowned me, that could be a really great bonding moment for us and then we could fall in love and live happily ever after."  Except that might be taking it a liiiittle too far, maybe?

4.  Funny.  #OrNaw, because I am not a comedian.  Let's be honest. 

5.  Pull the my-mom-was-homecoming-queen-in-college card.  "It would just be so cool to continue the family legacy."  That has a nice ring to it.  

6.  If all else fails, I can just take a page straight out of the stereotypical beauty pageant book. "I just think that we need to end world hunger.  For the children!" 

In all seriousness though, I really did spend a lot of my shower time thinking about that and other Homecoming court related stuff.  I'm suddenly really interested in something that I thought I didn't care about twelve hours ago!  I've heard really awful stuff about girls fighting over Homecoming Queen stuff and torn apart friendships and feelings hurt, and I know that's not going to come from this group.  I'm also determined not to let the fact that I'm up for the highly prestigious role as Homecoming court member affect what I do.  I want to be able to just enjoy the whole thing without being fake or having any more arrogant, jerk-like thoughts.  

And then, if I do make it onto Homecoming court, I will refer back to this list for ideas.  Because, you know.  I have to say something.  


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