Thursday, September 11, 2014

#CanWeNot // Link-Up Announcement

I could write an intro that eases you into this post and then introduces the topic, all while getting you excited about what you're going to read, or I could just get right to it.  Ding ding ding, get right to it wins!

I'm going to cohost a link-up, you guys!  IT IS SO EXCITING! It's called #CanWeNot, and it's basically a list of complaints about things we could do without.  The idea all started with this post from my fabulous link-up cohost, Nina!  I left her a comment about how #CanWeNot needed to become a weekly thing, preferrably a link-up so I could participate.  Less than a month later, we're getting ready to launch a weekly #CanWeNot link-up, and I could not be more excited!  Here's how you can participate. 

1.  Write a post with all of your #CanWeNot moments of the week.  (A #CanWeNot moment is defined as any time you were mildly annoyed with something and wished it wasn't happening.  Long line at Starbucks?  Men wearing really short shorts that expose their thighs?  Perfect material. Especially the man thighs, because that's disgusting and unnatural.) Bonus points for adding pictures.  (However, if there are pictures of man thighs I refuse to read your post.  I'm sorry.)

2.  Add the button below to your post, or include a link to Nina's post or mine for that day in your post.  That way, people who read your #CanWeNot post and love it can read more or participate for themselves! Let's say post a few more times.  

3.  Join us in our (good-natured) complaining every Thursday by adding your link on the #CanWeNot post for that day on Nina's blog or right here on mine. 

4.  Spread the love! Read, laugh at, and comment on some of the other posts in the link up.  Maybe you'll meet a blog friend who was annoyed by the same thing you were - total bonding moment.  

That being said, here are my #CanWeNot moments from the week.  

To the shopping cart that rolled out in front of my moving car and tried to cause me to get into an accident and die or raise my insurance higher than it already is or lose my driver's license or have a heart attack or all of the above. #canwenot

To the zit that showed up to the middle of my forehead completely uninvited and proceeded to attract an inordinate amount of attention to itself.  Was that completely necessary?  I mean, you couldn't have moved in behind my hairline where no one would notice you?  Or, I don't know, NOT AT ALL?  No one even likes you.  #canwenot

To the people who decided that non-iPhones can't do emojis.  I mean, it was a smart marketing move for Apple because I would definitely buy an iPhone again just for emojis and group chat.  But seriously?  Is one little smiley cat face too much to ask? #canwenot

To my sweat glands, which are extremely overactive.  You guys can really chill out, because I don't need to sweat when I'm just sitting there in class.  I really don't.  I promise that you can just leave me alone and I will find myself another way to not overheat and stay alive.  #canwenot

To the leggings I'm wearing, which apparently have a hole in the crotch that they didn't feel like telling me about until I had left the house.  At least I'm wearing really cute neon striped underwear. Right?  But next time, #canwenot

To my five dollar fake Toms, which give me blisters.  Why, oh why?  You were the best quality that Five Below has to offer, and my feet are suffering the consequences and I have to use like eight Bandaids per foot.  Show me that logic.  #canwenot

Aaannndd, looking back this post definitely could be renamed, "Gross things that happen to my body." I know, I know.  #canwenot. 

Thanks for showing up! Don't forget to link up next week with your own #CanWeNot post!

Sweatily yours,


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