Monday, September 15, 2014

How to Avoid Running at a Cross Country Meet // Photo Journal

I was so excited to finally be able to make it to one of Jonah's cross country meets!  He's been doing really well and seems to be enjoying it a lot.  It's just the coolest thing ever to watch him do something he's good at!  Plus, meets always seem to include the prettiest scenery and guaranteed hot chocolate.

Saturday morning dawned bright and way too early after a late night at a football game for me, so I found myself a comfy spot on the ground near the finish line as soon as we arrived at the course.  I know my place at cross country meets: you run, I take pictures.

Due to a miscommunication, we arrived at the meet a couple hours before Jonah's race, so we got to watch the girls' races as well!

Mom learned all of the runners' names so that she could encourage them as they ran by.  As a former cheerleader, she was totally in her element.

The weather made it known in no uncertain terms that it's fall now.  We survived with hot drinks and hugs.

We all walked back to the starting line to get Jonah ready for his race.  He definitely had the biggest support team there!

I, of course, had to stop to take pictures of anything vaguely photo worthy (ie, flowers and spray painted lines in the grass) and then run to catch up with everyone else.  Just like every other time I have my camera on me!

The family that warms up together stays together.  Right?

There was an insane amount of kids lined up to race.  I mean, considering the fact that they were voluntarily racing for three miles, I'd expect a little smaller turnout. 

The race started, and the family trekked over to "The Hill" to catch Jonah at another part of the race, looking like supermodels the entire time, obviously.

The view from the top of the hill was really pretty, but I felt for all those who actually had to run up it.  #runningishard.

The shark (that's what they call the golf cart that drives ahead of the first runners to mow over anyone in their way make sure the path is clear) even had trouble climbing the hill.

Jonah overcame it like a pro.  I've been banned from yelling, "Get it, girl!" at him while we're in public, so I just told him his hair looked good..  I think he appreciated that.

After Jonah blew by us at the top of the monster hill, we booked it over to the finish line to see him end his race.  He crossed the line with a time of 21:08, which is about a minute faster than his time last week.  GOOO JONAH.

And that, my friends, is how to avoid running at cross country meets.  Grab a camera and a doughnut and do your best to look very uncoordinated and out of shape.  That should keep you safe!


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