Friday, September 19, 2014

Sometimes I Run // I Should Really Be a Fitness Blogger

One time, I tried to be fitness blogger for like a day.  As in, I created a whole new blog and dedicated it to all things health/fitness and NO I AM NOT GIVING YOU THE URL ITS EMBARASSING.  Actually, I'm pretty sure that it was literally a one-day stint.  I had this thought that if I was constantly blogging about kale chips and pilates and stuff, I would naturally want to eat kale chips, do pilates,  and otherwise lead an obsessively healthy lifestyle.  Well, just for the record, it doesn't work that way, nor is living a lifestyle that is obsessively anything in any way a good thing. The more you know.

A year or so later, I'm trying to make some healthy changes in a less drastic way ... but it's making me think that I may have missed my calling when I gave up that fitness blog in the first place.  I mean, I'm pretty good at this!  Example:

Exercise plan: 

 Run (almost) every day.  Except if they're showing iCarly reruns on TV that are only showing during the perfect window of time when temperature, humidity, and wind speed are ideal for running.  Or if you just ate a fudge chocolate chip brownie or few or a big meal.  Time your run only when you're feeling really confident or planning on running less than a mile so you can go fast the whole time.  That being said, if you've misjudged how fast you're feeling on a particular day, you can always blame your Map My Run app for not GPS tracking you correctly.  Like that time that you headed out for a fast mile run and ended up taking over eight minutes to do it?  Chalk that up to Map My Run.  You don't need that kind of negativity in your life - it'll only slow you down.

Also, don't forget to take LOTS of recovery time.  You're working really hard.

Nutrition plan: 

First of all, peanut butter.  Oh my gosh you guys, THE PEANUT BUTTER.  In copius amounts that would seem excessive if they hadn't been recommended to you by a healthcare proffessional (me) (jk please don't sue me).  I like to pair mine with a nice big spoon, because, hello, protein.
Speaking of which, make sure to drink a lot of "protein" shakes that actually taste like chocolate ice cream.   Peanut butter works well with these, too, incidentally.  Those things will power you through then intense cardio training that we alread talked about, plus they taste like ice cream. That's a win-win. 

So, fitness blogger, right?  Maybe I'll give it another shot.  Until then, enjoy your Friday and your whole entire weekend! 


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