Monday, October 13, 2014

How to Get VIP Access at the Apple Orchard // Photo Journal

Happy Monday! I hope you're spending it in a big, comfy chair with a book and a big cup of something hot and delicious, maybe with a cat on your lap. Oh, and also your laptop / tablet / phone so that you can catch up on blog-reading, because what else are long weekends for?
We spent a day of ours at the apple orchard, where we spent an hour waiting in line to spend 10 minutes picking apples.  We are really efficient apple pickers.  The best way to get backstage apple access, though? Talk to the owner!  Mom ran into him while she was buying doughnuts and asked him if there was any way we could avoid the line that was waiting, probably for eternity, to get into one of the tractors and be hauled out to the apple picking. 

"You're not supposed to," he said. And proceeded to direct her to the path that would take us to the apples by foot and away from the world's longest wait.  Line jumping for the win!


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