Monday, November 24, 2014

It's Not Like High School Musical // List Week

Monday showed up this week with a side of headachiness and sore throatedness and otherwise gross feelings, so I'm going to be using more of my extra time these next few days trying to get unsick and less of it on blogging.  If getting sick can come at a good time, this is that time, because just a couple days ago a list of 50 "list post" ideas showed up on The "Florkens."  For those of you who are unaware, list posts can be written a lot faster and with more ease than pretty much any other kind of post, but, in my opinion, they're still fun to read!  Sounds just about right for a sick day.  

We'll start List Week on a more serious note: a list of the most valuable things I've learned about myself in high school (so far.) 

|  I'm an introvert.  I need some time away from people or else I start to turn really horrible, to the point where I avoid all signs of human life at all costs and snap at anyone who tries to intrude on my self-imposed solitude.  

| I can't not eat - I have to have breakfast and lunch or else things don't go well.  Occasionally I'll wake up feeling really horrible and, almost out of spite, refuse to pack myself a lunch.  Having no lunch to eat at lunch time is not fun for anybody. 

| I always have to make sure I have the right mindset.  For example, if I have to take an awful math test or run a hard workout in track, thinking of it as a challenge rather than meaningless torture makes things 100000000000% better.  I'm not really into meaningless torture, but I like to be challenged.  You get the picture. 

| I'm not good at learning from the computer.  I'm currently in my third semester of online classes, and, for the third time, am sprinting through videos and e-textbook reading to catch up.  I've always done well in school, but for some reason online classes are really hard for me.  I need structure and deadlines and a teacher that I know for sure is real and will be really disappointed in me if I fail.  

| I'm kind of a nerd, and that's good.  I fought the fact that I liked learning and reading books in my spare time through those awkward middle school years where being smart is taboo and into freshman year before I realized that there was absolutely nothing wrong with that. 

I'm not saying Ashton Kutcher's "Smart is Sexy" speech at the Kids' Choice Awards didn't influence me.  Jk, I totally laughed through the whole thing, but I appreciate the sentiment.   

| It's cool to have a personality.  I spent a lot of time letting my friend group, or whatever group I was currently with, define my words and actions, and if got old fast and I'd like to think that by senior year I've gotten past that.

| Technology is not my strong point (says the girls who chose a hobby that involves almost daily use of technology).  I cannot tell you how many times I have lost papers on a computer or how big of a dent there is in the wall that I used to kick in frustration while sitting at my desk in Computer Apps 1 freshman year.  I like it, but I am in no way a natural. 

P.S.  The fact that I kicked the wall makes me sounds scary and angry, but I promise that the wall was right in front of my desk, was very solid, and I didn't kick it that hard.  It was more like quickly swinging my legs than actual kicking.  

And with that, I think I'll get off of my laptop before it crashes or explodes or finds a way to delete this post.  See ya tomorrow for more listing!


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