Sunday, November 16, 2014

Pictures of Elephants and Cookies for Days // The Sunday Paper

Sundays are for church, long walks, big dinners, last-minute homework, and clicking all the links.  I can provide for one of the four (and, no, I will not be making my specialty (that'd be these brownies) for dinner tonight.)

Isn't this beautiful?  And the story behind it makes things even better.

 Tiffany Han is doing one of the coolest things I think I've ever heard of, ever.  As in, she's making me actually want to get rejected 100 times.

 "I would like to look at this from a perspective of not being idle or a gossip/ busybody at any stage of our lives as women who have surrendered to Christ. Because really, we have so much more to aspire to. ...There is a major difference between investing in friendships and inquiring (or stalking), thinking ' "what's her deal?" '." She's so right.

True confessions.  One brave blogger stops lying to herself ... and then shares it with the world.

What do you think? This is a tough one.

Taylor Swift has me singing nonstop and making plans to book a plane or a train or walk or whatever it takes to see her in person.  Multiple times, if possible.  And I'm completely justified - here's why!

I made the chocolate chip version of these this week and was told that they had "the perfect texture and THE ABSOLUTE  most proportional cookie to chocolate chip ratio, EVER!" (At which point I humbly accepted praise for the recipe that I obviously invented myself.)  So, her you go: all the pudding cookie recipes.

Have the best Sunday ever!


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