Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Guest Post // The Perks of Christmas in Edinburgh

Merry Christmas Eve!  Because it's Christmas time and that means doing festive things, I've got a really cool guest post coming at you today from my friend Carolyn.  She's going to give us a look at what it's like to do Christmas where she's from, in Scotland.  Enjoy!

Hi everyone. I'm Carolyn and I run a music and lifestyle blog called Carolyn's Simple Life. When Allie emailed me about writing Christmas guest posts for each others blogs I was so excited because I love Allie's blog and I love Christmas.

 I live in Scotland in the UK and one of my favourite things about Christmas time is exploring Edinburgh. I've visited the Winter Wonderland and European market a lot of times this year and I absolutely love it.

 I love looking around all the stalls at the European market because there are so many lovely trinkets and loads of amazing food. Me and my friend treated ourselves to some nutella crepes.



 I really enjoy wandering around Edinburgh with my camera any time of year but I especially love it at Christmas time because of all the amazing lights.

 The front of The Dome

 The back of The Dome 

 Inside The Dome 

 Inside The Dome 

 And although I didn't go on it this year I always love seeing the Ferris wheel on Princes Street.

 Every year since I was little I've always gone to Jenners Department Store to see their Christmas Tree. It's become a bit of a family tradition going to see the tree and I really enjoy it.


 The one thing I can always rely at Christmas time in Edinburgh is that it will be cold and there were almost, always be rain. Unfortunately I was rained on a few times while exploring the European market but apart from that I've really enjoyed Christmas in Edinburgh this year. 

 I hope that wherever you are in the world that you have a lovely Christmas and also a very happy new year!

 I also want to say a really big thank you to Allie for letting me write a guest post for her lovely blog.

 Carolyn x

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