Friday, February 13, 2015

Because Chocolate // Reasons to Love Valentine's Day

So, Valentine's Day.  I get the idea that it's one of those things that most people either love or hate.  Generally, the idea is that if you have a hot boyfriend to take you on a date and buy you 45802 roses, you'll love Valentines Day, and if you don't, you'll stay home with your cats and hate it.  I personally have never experienced either of those, so I can't really identify, but I happen to be a part of the Valentine's Day loving group.  I've been single for pretty much every Valentine's Day ever and had a boyfriend for exactly one of them (fun fact: I spent that one making cookies and watching chick flicks with girlfriends anyway), and I've consistently enjoyed it every. single. time.  Because romantic interests come and go, but there are some much more important Valentines Day things that stay the same FOREVER.  Here's to you, Hallmark.  Thanks for inventing a holiday that encourages people to buy me cards and chocolate, because I actually enjoy cards and chocolate.

Chocolate | I mean, duh.  Date, no date, friends, no friends, cats, no cats - there is always chocolate to be found somewhere.  Even if that just means that I go to CVS on Valentines Day and all of the pink M&Ms are really cheap and I buy them all up for myself.  There is chocolate, and it makes me happy.  And there is everything right about that. 

Tumblr Valentines |
At least, I'm told by my tumblr-using friends that that's where they originate.  I don't tumbl, so I wouldn't know.  

Heart shaped pizza | Is no one else fascinated by the fact that, one day a year, you can buy pizza in the shape of a heart?  In fact, I'm pretty sure that Valentine's Day is the only time that you can buy a pizza that is shaped like anything but a pizza. I say we all take advantage of that.  Carpe diem.  Seize the pizza. 

An excuse to be festive | This probably isn't a plus for everyone, but I love any excuse to make a day exciting.  Really, regardless of the reason, I'll jump on board with almost anything that looks like it might make for a day that's different from all of the other days.  Valentine's Day fits that requirement.  People wear fun colors and there are decorations where there normally wouldn't be.  It's a win-win. 

Valentines Day Parties | I mean, at school.  So, sorry if you've already made it past high school, because I feel like office parties don't require you to buy those boxes of Valentines for the class. I just bought a box of THE COOLEST coloring page princess Valentines ever, and my happiness is off the charts. And, honestly, what's better than getting a bunch of cards (possibly with suckers attached) from people who had no choice but to give them to you? Not much. 

People getting engaged | because, at some point, if it happens enough, eventually I'll see it happen once (bucket list item) and maybe get invited to a wedding.  I love weddings. 

Admittedly, there are things that should be avoided on Valentine's Day.  

Social media | puke.  I'm glad you love each other, I really am.  But when I scroll down my Instagram and everyone loves each other and that's it . . . it's just a lot to handle.  Can I please just see a picture of your dog or your lunch or a throwback to when you were five?

Restaurants | Unless you know someone / have a reservation, I've heard that it can be a lot of work for food that you can have for a lot less work tomorrow.  

Spontaneous tattoos | Which don't relate specifically to Valentine's day, but should be avoided at any time.  Sleep on it. 

P.S. More Valentine's Day stuff from around the web.  I promise that if it's sappy, it's barely sappy.  

7 REALISTIC DATE IDEAS from Geeze, Louise!
       -you may have to spread these out over the next few years or turn your Valentines 
        celebration into a week-long affair, because you'll want to use them all

       -because chocolate, you know

       -so you can show the people you love how special they are with the most beautifully 
        lettered cards ever

WIN CHOCOLATE from Anna in Wonderland 
        - once again, because chocolate

VALENTINES DAY LINKUP with Helene in Between and Venus Trapped in Mars 
          -link up with anything Valentines-y

Helene in Between

I'll see you Sunday with some of what I've been reading!


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