Thursday, February 26, 2015

I'm Partying Today // Liebster Nominee Link-Up

We're partying around here today, because that's all that's appropriate at the end of what (to me) felt like the longest, coldest wintry  cebruary week of all times.  Maybe it's because I've been running outside, so the cold is just that much more real to me?  Or the fact that spring sports are almost here and so I keep expecting it to get warm and for the snow to melt?  Or the heeee-uuuge government test that I'm taking today and the hours on hours on hours that I spent studying for it?  All valid possibilities.  Whatever the reason, partying is in order.

First things first:  more party people, because I'm not really a party person myself so I need help.  Enter: the lovely ladies who I talked about last week - the ones who I'm nominating for my customized version of the Liebster Award.  They're going to hop on and add links to typical posts from their blogs so that you can meet them and see what they're like, because they're great.  Seriously, they are. 

Second things second: partying.  Like a concert party.  I want you to know that I'm being a risk-taker today, because I don't usually do blog posts about concerts or musicy things because I don't go to concerts frequently and I'm not musical.  So,  I sincerely hope that I'm not inciting your wrath forever with this one.  If you hate it, just know that it's not a new norm and please come back someday and give me another chance.

Deep breath.

Here we go.

The concert's name is Winter Jam.  Maybe you've heard of it?  It's 10 different Christians artists and a speaker that tour the U.S. for a few months during the (you guessed it) winter, and I went last weekend and it was so fun!  In other words, I got the softest free t-shirt ever and there were giant balloons involved and I found a boy band that totally beats One Direction, complete with accents and cool hair.

The concert was headlined by Skillet, which usually isn't my favorite.  My brother always blasts it in the kitchen when it's his night to do the dishes, and our house is small so you can't escape the loud anywhere.  I thought that I would unenjoy them in person as much as at home.  I was wrong.

I think it all started when Jen Ledger came out onstage before the show for Q & A with the audience and started being adorable.   She's Skillet's drummer, and she talked about her story and how she likes her coffee in the most open, honest way.  She's from out of the country, and she ended up connecting with the Skillet people in the most unintentional way in the world.  She used to have stage fright, and she likes her coffee with lots of caramel.

And then there was the actual show.  It was so good!  There was fire and Jen drummed while getting lifted up and spun and, yeah, it was loud and, yeah, there were a ton of screaming people.  I loved it.

And then Family Force Five, which was a party in itself.  I quickly identified with the band's lead singer, who walked out in this blazer and danced in almost the exact same way that I do when I'm at home and no one's watching.   He's my spirit animal.  

Giant balloons happened.  They came out of nowhere and made me forget everything other than how to get a chance to hit one of them for the remainder of the song, at which point a bunch of professional balloon poppers walked around and popped them all. 

My favorite: for King and Country.  For the thirteenth time, I don't know things about music, but I know that every single guy played multiple instruments, that the music sounded just how I like music to sound, and that they had an amazing message to share.  Here, just listen.  

Joel and Luke are brothers from Australia who are in America for over 300 tour dates with their five other band guys (you can find tour dates here, by the way).  After seeing 4 or 5 songs at Winter Jam, I've got my heart set on seeing them in August.  I couldn't get enough of their sound and fancy king-related outfits, and I'll definitely be back for more. 

The music side of the show was great - all of the artists are crazy talented, as would be expected of artists at a concert that you pay money to see.  Even better was the fact that we got the chance to get to meet them a little bit.  They all were really great about sharing stories and spent a lot of time interacting with the crowd, and they were all so humble and real.  I mean, I'm sure that everyone who gives concerts tries to be humble and real, but I've been to concerts before and this was different.  I'd recommend it, every time.

That's about it for Friday partying, unless you want to go give those songs another listen - be my guest!  Go have a great weekend and relax (or don't) and enjoy it.

See ya!


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