Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Calling All Detroit Bloggers! // (An Awesome Link Up Opportunity)

Hey, there!  Do you blog and either live in / near Detroit, Michigan or just have some reason to like Detroit, Michigan?  


Did you even read the title?

Thank you.  Now, what are you even still doing here? Jk, you can keep reading.  In fact, it's encouraged.  To be honest, I'm very glad you're here! I was just trying to be cool, which apparently entails not acting as excited as I actually am.  

Speaking of things that I'm too excited about, how 'bout that link up that Allison and I are hosting this Friday, March 13th?  That link up that you, someone who lives near Detroit, MI or has some other reason to care about and appreciate it, are welcome (and encouraged) to participate in?  That's happening, and I can't wait!

The link up's on March 13th because, in all-number form, March 13th is 3/13, AKA 313, AKA the first three digits of Detroit phone numbers.  AKA Detroit day, so we're celebrating Detroit by getting together a bunch of blog posts about things that make Detroit great.  Want to participate? Great!  We'd love to have you!  Here's how.  

1. Write a post about something you love about Detroit.  If you don't love anything about Detroit, it can be about something you like. For example, you could write about the Heidelberg Project

or Belle Isle

or Comerica Park.

I know, it feels like I just stole all of the ideas, but there are so, so many cool places in Detroit, not to mention the history and culture and all of that other good stuff.  There are a few topics left.  

 However, if you have only hatred towards the city, you don't get to participate because this is our link up and we can limit free speech if we want.  

2. Come back here on Friday morning and link up your link to that post!  (If you're new to link-ups, we can help you out with this part- email us at!) 

3. Read some of the other posts that are linked up.  We're not going to make rules about which posts you have to read or how many, because although we don't believe in free speech, we do believe in capitalism and we want you to read what you want to read.  Just please support some of your fellow Detroit bloggers and make friends!  (Also, the blog love has a way of coming back around, so clicking, reading, and commenting is totally worth it.)

4.  Make sure to mention the link-up in your post and link back to either Allison's blog or mine so that your readers can find all of the other posts and we can make A Day in Detroit a great big party!  

5. Add this button to your post to make it pretty and get into the A Day in Detroit spirit! (That's easiest to do by copying the code that appears below the button and pasting that to your post in HTML mode.)

Something Beautiful

That's it!  You're now ready to participate in A Day in Detroit this Friday.  Tell your blog friends and your in-real-life friends and your mom and your enemies so we can make 313 Day a pretty big deal! 


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