Saturday, April 18, 2015

A Friend To // 5 Kinds of People You Need in Your Life

Hey, everyone!  Big news: Nina's blogiversary giveaway is still going on here, which means that you have the chance to win a $50 Target gift card (yes, please), a DIY coffee mug, and some delicious coffee to help the new mug feel useful.  I'll wait while you go take advantage of that, because Target and caffeine. Go ahead. 

In other news, those of you who haven't been around until very, very recently won't know that a brand-shiny-new link-up started here last Tuesday.  That happened. (The idea behind it + how to participate here.)  And it was great - several blog friends wrote posts, and it was so rewarding to see how writing about the good of life affected each of them.  I'm looking forward to where this project will go in the future.  

Before I hit publish on my very first link-up Tuesday morning, I was honestly scared that I'd be the only one participating.  Which would have been fine, I guess, if a little disheartening.  I'd sent e-mails out to many bloggers that I know, inviting them to participate, but, true to form, I'd sent them less than 48 hours before the actual link-up.  Oh.  Thank God for friends, you guys.  Some of the lovely people I've met through this little blog were right there with me, helping to make my idea come alive on short notice.  I so appreciate the ones who are there, no matter how little notice you give them.  It's good to have people like that.  

It's good to have all kinds of people, actually.  I love the people I'm surrounded by because of the way that they each a have a unique influence on me.  One friend can't handle all that I need in a friend, so they all share in shaping me and supporting me equally and well.  As I become more convinced of the indispensability of all of my people, I become convinced that there are some people that everyone needs. 

// A friend to laugh at you
You know, that friend who thinks that every single thing you do is funny.  Who laughs ridiculously hard while everyone else is groaning.  Who never lets an attempt at humor go unrecognized.

// A friend to do whatever with
Sometimes, people have weird ideas.  That's where all the genius technology things we have come from, probably.  Even if you're weird ideas aren't getting you anywhere, you need someone willing to help you make them happen, no questions asked.  

// A friend who knows
I'm bad at having this friend, because I don't like to tell people things.  As someone who deprived myself of this person for a very long time, I can vouch for the fact that it's vitally important to have a person who knows next to everything about you. Everything, from your opinion on the important stuff to how you like your ice cream sundae.  Because sometimes emotions happen and judgement gets skewed, and you need someone to tell you how you feel and hold you accountable.  Also, it's good to have someone who can anticipate when things bother you or elate you and listen or celebrate accordingly. 

// A friend who's better
The one that you love, but are secretly a liiiittle jealous of.  They show you how to be good at something and provide the inspiration to get there, wherever "there" is - faster, kinder, happier.  

// A friend who grounds you
I truly value the people in my life who tell it like it is, every time.  Some of the best advice I've received has come out of their mouths.  They have strong character and are unwavering in their actions and beliefs, even when they're alone.  In a world that often chooses the tolerate-everything path of least resistance, friends who stand firm are rare and beautiful. 

And that, everyone, is how I indirectly say all the sappy things that I secretly want to as I'm thinking about leaving for college and saying goodbye to getting regular face time with some of the best people I know.  I get nostalgic so easily it's ridiculous. 

I want to know  . . .

 -What kind of friend do you think everyone needs?  



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  1. I agree with you totally, all those friends are important to have :) and I also think we need to be at lest one of those friends to others!


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