Sunday, April 26, 2015

Dodge Ball & Running & Friends // Weekend Recap

Hey there!  I hope you had a fantastic weekend - you think I'm just saying that, but I mean it sincerely.  Remember when I gave away free stuff that one time? Well, we have a free stuff winner!  Huge congrats to Christy Spurlock of Spurlock Sweet Adventures - I'll be right over to help you spend your Target money.   

If you're not Christy Spurlock, I'm really sorry.  I bet you wish you had $50 to spend at Target.  I know I do - I'm not her, either. 

You may have noticed that my sidebar looks a little different today, and if you didn't, I'm very offended.  Jk.  Consider the "About Me" that's over there right now to be a sneak peek at the new design that I'm working on right now, and don't be surprised if things look a little rough around here for the next few days.  It's a work in progress.

My weekend started out with an intense study session at Panera after school and track practice on Friday.  The AP Psychology exam is in just over a week, so obviously I was all business and spent way too much time taking pictures of our smoothies.  Figures. 

Once some actually studying got done, I headed home for a little Shark Tank watching with my parents and an early bedtime to make sure I was ready for Saturday's track meet!  ( Last week I stayed up until 2 the night before.  Never. Again.)

This week's meet was great because we didn't have to be there until noon, which meant sleeping in and time to relax in the morning.  We spent most of the afternoon braving the wind and relative cold, but the sun was out by the time my brother ran his 3200.  

I will never stop being amazed at the fact that people actually volunteer to run around the track 8 times.  Bravo, all of you. 

After the meet, the younger siblings and I headed home for a quick bite to eat and then to school for a dodge ball tournament.  It's an annual event, but for one reason or another I haven't been able to play until this year.  I was pretty excited about it!  Our team had really cool matching shirts that, fortunately, didn't show how intensely I was sweating.  I had no idea how hard 2 minute dodge ball games could be.  Also evidenced by: my still very sore shoulder.  

We had two wins and two losses, with one of the wins being very close and very satisfying.  So, no, we didn't win and I may have lost a bet because of it, but it was so fun! Worth it. (Hint: If you click here or if you follow me on Twitter, you can see the play of the game, courtesy of yours truly. They laughed at me and I still don't get why.)   

Post dodge ball tourney, I spent the night with some friends.  Late night brownies, Jessa Duggar's wedding, chick flicks, and all the weird stuff that happens when you're up too late - it all happened.  So good!  I told everyone that I was going to visit them every weekend when we're in college and make them have a sleepover with me, and I think they thought I was joking.  That's cute.  

Sunday morning meant waking up early to get home after too few hours of sleep in time for church and work afterwards.  The rest of the day was spent running, doing blog and school work, and eating chocolate.  I'd be a liar if I didn't list that as a major activity.  

What about you?   What fun things did you do this weekend?  



P.S.  Pssst . . . there's a link up right here tomorrow!  Don't forget to come hang out, and bring your It's a Fine, Fine Life post with you! 

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