Monday, April 6, 2015

Ice Cream for Breakfast // How to Have a Very Productive Day

Sometimes, you learn how to do a thing by doing the exact opposite of the thing.  You get it so, so completely wrong that there's no way you can not get it right the next time.  Obviously that method of figuring stuff out doesn't apply to everything - if it did, I would be some kind of really well-dressed math genius by now, and I'm not.  Wearing every color of the rainbow at once and my persisting inability to find x (or even to know whether that's what I'm supposed to be finding) has gotten me nowhere so far.  Don't get too sorry for me, though - I think that I may have finally messed up in a way that's going to be useful in the future.  As in, I had a million things to do last Monday and I successfully completed exactly zero of them.  (In my defense, I was technically home sick from school, although I felt totally normal.)  It was probably my least productive day to date and as a result, I now know all the "Dont's" to having a day in which you accomplish things.  

DON'T // Eat ice cream for breakfast.  I rationalized that decision by telling myself that it would help cure my sore throat (what?).  The only result I saw was a major crash about two hours later.  

DON'T // Start a new show on Netflix.  Especially if you get emotionally involved with them as quickly and intensely as I do.  I made the mistake of watching an episode of New Girl, and then I couldn't stop until the two main characters that I could totally tell were going to start dating actually did.  

DON'T // Shove your responsibilities in a corner, literally or figuratively, and try to forget about them.  If there's stuff that needs to be done for the next day, suck it up and do it.  Don't be like me and accidentally / on purpose forget your backpack in the car all weekend.  We live in a cruel, unjust world in which people expect you to handle responsibilities even when you're dying of unforseen illness. 

DON'T // Just change into a different pair of pajamas.  I mean, a new pair of pajamas beats wearing the old pair again, but it's just so hard to do things when you're wearing clothes that ate meant for sleeping.  

DON'T // Let them leave you all alone.  Because when you're alone in the house, no one knows that literally all you've done all day is watch New Girl.  Make your dad stay home and sarcastically comment to you about the "quality entertainment" you've chosen, or your little brother so someone else monopolizes the TV.  Just don't be alone.  

DON'T // Create an Etsy account.  Definitely make sure any form of online payment is not within reach.  

There ya have it.  Go forth and have a very, very, very productive Monday!  I've got to go finish packing for the trip we're leaving on in two hours, at 7:30 in the morning.  So, that happened.  Next how (not) to: procrastinating.  


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