Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Let's Get This Started // Link-Up Announcement

Remember a really long time ago, like, two Tuesdays ago, when I claimed that my post had something to do with a link-up, then went on to not mention a link-up for the duration of the post until I got to the end and threw in a very cryptic "Keep an eye out for this" along with this picture?

No? Well, that happened.  

Anyway, today's the day that I stop keeping you in suspense and explain what that was all about.  Starting next Tuesday and ending no time in the forseeable future, I'm going be hosting the weekly, "It's a Fine, Fine Life" link up.  The name's from a song that I like by a band I like, for King & Country's "Fine, Fine Life," weirdly enough.  The point is to talk about what we've been liking about life lately, because sometimes you just really need that.  Here's the details. 

1. The link-up will open around 5 AM eastern time every Tuesday morning, except for the rare occasion that I don't get my post scheduled ahead of time.  

2. Life sucks sometimes, and it's definitely very okay and, (I believe) necessary to blog about that stuff.  However, this link-up's a place to talk about why we like life, so please only add a link to your post if that's what it's related to!

3. The link-up will be open all week, so you can add your post anytime!

4. When you add your post, please take the time to read a couple of the other posts that you'll find there.  Some link ups have specific rules for whose post you have to read or how many or how to comment.  I'm not going to do that, because I want you to read what you like and comment on what you actually connect to.  So, however you do it, just show your fellow bloggers some love!  The whole point of this is to meet other bloggers, and that works a lot better if we interact with each other and stuff. 

5. Add the button to your post or just link back to me in another way - I'll give out the HTML sometime in the next week. 

More stuff about what to write:

The guidelines are pretty loose.  Your post can be about a specific cool thing you did / thought / saw / ate recently, a list of favorites, a quote, pictures - as long as it fits the criteria of celebrating the fact that life is usually a pretty good thing, it'll work!

I look forward to starting this link-up so much! I'll see you here next Tuesday!


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