Saturday, April 11, 2015

Super Important PSAs // As in Snapchat and Link-ups

Disclaimer: the following post is going to be kind of advertisey BUT the good news is that the stuff it's being advertisey about is probably exciting and cool and stuff that you can participate on, so read on and try not to be too annoyed by my 4838 mentions of allie.reckless.
I have an immensely important announcement today.  For me, it's kind of life changing. 
Reckless got a Snapchat! (It's allie.reckless.) I am so excited about it.  See?

Before you tell me that blogs aren't supposed to snap (like I did to myself the first several times this idea crosses my mind) let's talk about it.
I love pictures, and so Instagram is naturally my favorite social media invention.  I've been posting pictures a little differently on my Instagram account lately - I'm being a little more artsy, and that's fun for me.  However, I realize that my account has become less personal because of that.  One of my favorite things about being able to follow bloggers on Instagram is that it lets me see a little bit of what their daily life is like.  I want to do fun, artsy things on Instagram, but I don't want to lose the personal connection it gives me to you all!  Enter Snapchat (allie.reckless).  It's like Instagram's lower-maintenance cousin.  I can post pictures really easily while I'm doing things, which makes it more personal than Instagram and a lot easier.  Instagram for trying to be artsy and cool, Snapchat at allie.reckless for having friends. 
"But wait!" you say.  "If I follow your account, allie.reckless, you can send me eleventy billion ugly selfies whenever you want, right?"  The answer to that is, yes, yes I can.  But I won't.  I don't want you to see an astronomical number of variations of my triple chin face any more than you want to see them.  In fact, I won't send you anything at all, ever.  I'll just update my story so that you can ignore or look at my pictures at your discretion. 
Speaking of PSAs and new things starting, how about that link up on Tuesday? The "It's A Fine, Fine Life" link up is happening, here, every Tuesday.  It's a chance for you to share what's great about life with a bunch of other bloggers doing the same thing.  The topic's intentionally vague to allow you plenty of creative freedom. Just link back to your host (that's me!) and make sure to show your fellow link-uppers some love! 

Okay, that's probably enough excitement for today, right?  Go back to your sleeping in or your exremely busy day (Saturdays always seem to go one of those ways or the other, don't they?)  Enjoy, and I'lI see you next week!



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