Tuesday, May 19, 2015

It Was Only $.99 // It's a Fine, Fine Life 6

If you followed me at @recklessoninsta, you'd already have seen this.  Sincerely, This Is How I Make Friends  

I'm resisting the urge to just sit here on the floor and let my fingers fly around about the books I'm reading and how I finally got to go to the library to pick up Colson Whitehead's Sag Harbor (beyond excited to read that, by the way), because then you'll know that I have some, ahem, nerdy tendencies and my reputation will pretty much be ruined.  I'm too cool to risk it, so you can stop asking me about books right now, because it's not working. 

Shoot.  I just did that, didn't I?

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Let's Talk // Meet the Blogger

In the interest of full disclosure, it's 12:03 am and I'm currently drinking sparkling apple juice and eating Frosted Flakes from the box.  I definitely don't need to be.  

A few weeks ago, my blogger friend Esme from Ezzlepops nominated me for an award post, which means that 1) I feel really flattered 2) I get to answer some questions and 3) I am very, unforgivably late about getting this post written and published.   

1. How's life?
It's a

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Letters // It's a Fine, Fine Life 5

Hey, there!  You know how I keep only ever showing up on Tuesdays?  Sorry about that.  I promise life's been busy - not like yours hasn't been or that "busyness" is any kind of decent excuse, but just know that it isn't you.  It's me.  As long as we're going with the "busyness" excuse, though, (however flimsy and illegitimate it may be), can I tell you what I've been up to?


I've taken a two A.P. tests, and I'm still here, and I think I did well.  Is it weird that the Comp / Lit test made me want to read more?  I don't think I'm allowed to tell you what book was excerpted from for portions of the test, but it was the prettiest thing ever and I can't wait to get my hands on a copy. 

Studying outside with Eddie made things so much easier!

My feet have spent their fair share of time pounding the track, usually in half-mile races.  My time hasn't gone down since a meet a few weeks ago, but, at the least, I have a distinct shoe tan line to show for my work. 

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

I Really Like You // It's a Fine, Fine Life 4

Hi! How've ya been?  On the blogging side of things, it's been kind of exciting around here lately.  I don't know if you've noticed, but there's a new URL (www.recklessblog.com, tell your friends), a few new layout changes, and some subtle but so-helpful cleaning up work that Kiera's been doing for me - she's an HTML wizard, as far as I'm concerned.  (By the way, did you see her post on Saturday?  Here ya go. )  So, that's all pretty fun!  This space is getting prettier and closer to what I'm really, really happy with, which I (obviously) am in favor of.  

So, I don't know if you've heard, but I'm a senior in high school and I'm leaving home to go to college in t-3ish months.  (That was a joke.  That's pretty much all I talk about here anymore, because apparently I'm suffering from pre-separation anxiety and wayyyy overblown nostalgia and am obsessed with bringing it up whenever I can.)  I'm not going to say again how saying goodbye is hard and how basically my entire life is bittersweet right now - for that, you can refer to this, this, and this.  I do, however, have ANOTHER new observation that's come from this whole emotional trip I've been on lately.  Ready?

It's pretty cool that there's stuff in my life that I care about enough to not want to leave behind.  

I recently had a classmate ask me what I'd change about myself if I could go back to freshman year knowing what I know now.  I was surprised when I answered without hesitation:  "I'd be a lot nicer.  I'd actually meet people instead of assuming that I already knew them and what they were about." 

I have my friends and some weird life events that can only be attributed to God to thank for the fact that I'm not the same quick-to-judge, too-cool person that I was.  I mean, I didn't make that change by choice; I'm pretty sure that it would have been literally impossible for me to stay the same.  I get to be friends with interesting, wonderful people now that I'm more open to faces who don't look like mine on the surface.  Those people have taught me a truth that I've always known by words but not by experience: that people are inherently valuable and so worth my time.

As a result, I spend a lot of my time right now around people who I genuinely like, and I am so amazed by that.  All the self-help books and your grandma and psychiatrists will tell you that being happy has a lot to do with the people around you, and I'd agree with that, to an extent.  I think the key to surrounding yourself with people you enjoy might have a little bit to do with who those people are, but I think it has even more to do with how well you let yourself see them.  //

Today's It's a Fine, Fine Life!  Write a little about what's good about your life right now, throw the picture down there onto it, and share it - it's a lot more fun that way.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

To Pray . . . Or Procrastinate // Guest Post

Today's exciting because there's a guest blogger writing here!  Kiera usually writes over at Narwhal Knits, but today she and I are trading spaces to share a little bit of our faith story.  

Today, I'm going to be tackling a difficult topic. Well, not terribly difficult, but generally, the 13-25 year old demographic really loves to procrastinate. So I'll be writing this behind a tree, trying not to expose myself... too much. (; 

The idea came to me after reading this: 
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