Thursday, May 14, 2015

Let's Talk // Meet the Blogger

In the interest of full disclosure, it's 12:03 am and I'm currently drinking sparkling apple juice and eating Frosted Flakes from the box.  I definitely don't need to be.  

A few weeks ago, my blogger friend Esme from Ezzlepops nominated me for an award post, which means that 1) I feel really flattered 2) I get to answer some questions and 3) I am very, unforgivably late about getting this post written and published.   

1. How's life?
It's a whirlwind.  I'm currently in my last month of high school, and it is so, insanely busy. Between studying for and taking AP tests, finishing college things, planning for graduation, and getting ready to leave for a few weeks at the beginning of the summer, there's so much to do!  I'm kind of bummed that I don't get to just sit back and enjoy my last few days of high school.

2. Who would be on your perfect festival line-up? 
I'm not good at music - any kind of taste that I have comes from my friends (Carolyn, for example.)  So can we just talk about how I went to a music festival one time?  It was Cornerstone, and I was 13 and there were SO MANY hipsters there.  Also, I left my camera in a port-a-potty, so that was fun. 

3. Who are your male and female celebrity crushes?
Zac Efron forever and always.  As for the girls, I just started watching Parks & Rec so Amy Poehler is winning right now.  

4. What is your holy grail product?
Moroccan oil for my hair!  I never, ever do anything with it, but that stuff makes it look shiny and smell good with almost zero effort.  

5. What do you love most about blogging and reading other blogs?
I love blogging for the same reason I like reading books - I think it helps me to understand other people better.  It's really easy to just kind of live within my group of people, and blogging lets me see into the lives of people I might never get to meet in real life.  

6. Proudest/happiest moment of your life so far?
Oh, oh boy.  This is tough, and now I'm feeling pretty unaccomplished.  Is it sad that this question always takes me back to 8th grade? That's the last time I accomplished a bunch of tangible, impressive things all at once.  8th grade was my high point and now I'm on a roller coaster that only goes down. 

7. What is your go-to movie that you'd never get bored of?
Mean Girls.  I'm not that proud of it, but that's the truth. Actually, I recently found out that it's based off of a book, so it has literary merit so there.  

8. Top five little bloggers? (Ones with less that 100 followers)

9. Craziest thing you've done?
Umm . . . one time I died my hair blue.  Just the ends.  

10. If you could be a male celebrity for a day, who would you be and why?
Probably an athlete.  Probably Frank Gore, because he was a beast on my fantasy football team last year and it would be pretty fun to be that good at something. 

11. You're having a dinner party, which celebrities do you invite and why?
I actually did a post kind of about this, right here. Well, first of all there would have to be Zac Efron, because he's a good guy. You can just tell.  Also, Jennifer Lawrence, because she would eat and be funny, which are pretty much the only requirements for a guest in my book.  Also a really good volleyball player - Kerri Walsh, because she seems so incredibly down-to-earth.  

Okay, so it's getting later by the second (weird, right?) and my eyelids don't want to stay open anymore.  I'm going to go watch Friends to bed so that I can be well-rested and studious tomorrow.



P.S.  Are you a Mean Girls fan, or not so much?

Is your craziest thing even crazier than mine?  ( Hard to beat, I know.) 
Treasure Tromp


  1. I like Mean Girls! I mean, I don't think it's the most amazing movie ever made...but it's funny, I laugh every time I watch it and it has a good message so I call that a winning movie. You're crazier than me, friend! I've never died my hair, not even the tips! :)

  2. Mean Girls is my favorite girl movie haha weird don't you think?! I even dubsmashed the part when Georgina screamed for like 10 seconds.. Well, I think you're crazier in a good and adventurous way.

  3. Aw! I'm so honored to be mentioned. But yes, Mean Girls is a horrible but fantastic go-to. It reminds me of my clique from high school... Thank goodness that ended early on and hasn't been an issue since. I once died my hair red, it was INCREDIBLE. My face looked like it had color in it! I should do that again this year! Just for fun. ^.^ Good to get to you know better!

  4. Of course I am a mean girls fan!

  5. Amy Poehler and Jennifer Lawrence <3 And hahaha I love that you said you're eating Frosted Flakes at 12:03 and you definitely don't need to be. That's pretty much the story of all my late night snacking haha.

  6. Hahah, you peaked in the 8th grade? Lol, hopefully that isn't completely true.
    Congrats on almost graduating! It's a really weird yet liberating experience!

  7. It does have a good message! I keep trying to convince people of that, but they don't see it - you get me! The bad news with the blue hair was that it turned green really, really, fast, which was a lot less cool.

  8. Hey, I completely support that! You did? That's so funny! Thank you!

  9. I like you and your blog, so. You actually lived Mean Girls? I didn't think it actually existed! I feel like that would look really good on you - you should go for it. I'd totally do that if I thought I could pull it off. Red hair is so cool.

  10. Mhm, mhm. Favorites! Haha, I could pretty much just replace "Frosted Flakes" with something else sugary/carb-y on any given day and it would be true. Way to start healthy, long-term habits, Allie.

  11. No, it's not haha. Thank you! Right now I feel like I'm always either ready to scream because I'm so excited or start crying because everything's ending . . . so, yeah, it's definitely weird.

  12. i am a mean girl fan hehe!!


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