Hey, there! I'm Allie, and I am so, so happy you're here!  I wrote this blog hoping someone like you would stumble across it, and here you are!

Okay, let's see.  You might want to know a thing or two about me, right?  I tend to identify myself first by saying "I'm a college student", so, I'm a college student. I don't know if people actually care what I'm majoring in or if that's just the question that follows most naturally; regardless, you are probably subconsciously asking it.  Psychology.  I like kids, and I want to work in a school someday.

I live in Grand Rapids, Michigan, (pictured here, behind me and my beloved Chacos) and I'm obsessed with it because I live here and because of its abundance of cute coffee shops that serve what my uncultured taste buds consider to be quality coffee.  (It probably actually is quality coffee, but that's just a disclaimer because I wouldn't know.)

I also love Jesus a lot. I'm a Christian, and I believe in the Bible as being 100%, literally true. If that's not where you're coming from, you'll find some stuff here that you don't agree with or doesn't seem relevant to you.  I'm cool with that, and I think we can still be friends. I grew up in a very close-knit Christian community, so the world got a lot bigger and more diverse for me when I started school at a public university. I wish I could say that I am completely comfortable navigating that, but that would be huge lie. I will say that I am learning. I don't want do life pretending that everyone's like me, and I don't want to write like that, either. So let's discuss stuff. Respectfully arguing comments are welcomed, but be nice because you're a nice person and I don't want to be the one who makes you seem like you're not.

Other important information: I use the thumbs up and peace sign emojis a lot, and I like to think that I'm slowly developing into a professional iPhone photographer.  (Pun intended.  Get it? Developing? Maybe that doesn't work because you don't need to develop iPhone photos. Another fun fact - ya girl also knows how to kill a joke. Insert peace sign emoji here.) My #1 financial goal is to be able to support a dog someday (so unique.)  I get very excited about good food. (Catch me closing my eyes while taking the first-thirtieth bite and exclaiming "This is SO good" every couple minutes.) Also, apparently I am addicted to parentheses.

I started writing here a couple years ago after some pretty cool circumstances.  (You can find out more about that here and here.)  Up until then, I maintained another blog that I have not deleted but that I am not going to link to either because it is the blog equivalent of middle school. I will, however, direct you to some of my faves from this blog:

The time I vlogged

This post about how cool God is

How I stopped being a GIF virgin

The time I realized that blogging is kind of hard

That's about it, I think!  Thank you so much for stopping by.  I truly hope that you'll find something here that connects with you and that you'll hang out for a while.  If you think you'd like to see more of what I'm writing, you can follow me on Bloglovin' here.

See you around!



  1. Is it lame that I'm 23 but feel like we could be best friends? #probably.
    And Duck Dynasty is the BEST (specifically, Si... he's my favorite!)

    1. Umm . . . NO. I mean, #NO. Si is my favorite, too! I tried to name my cat after him, but my family boycotted it. :(

  2. Replies
    1. I have you totally fooled, haha ;) Forreal though, thanks!

  3. Your blog is really cool! I loved your latest one about social media icons. I did exactly that to add social media links to my sidebar! It was so easy just doing that!
    Hope to see you around! :D

    -Kathie K

    1. Thanks, Kathie! I'm glad the post was helpful - I was a little uncertain about trying an even vaguely technology related post!

  4. You are such a beautiful person! Your blog looks so cool

    1. Holy shoot, I'm flattered! And, thanks so much - I'm pretty fond of it ;)

  5. Allie,
    So excited to find out you have a blog!!!! I love reading my friends' blogs as much as blogging myself.

    1. Hey, Sarah! Yep, I've had this one for a few months now - I didn't know you blogged, though! That's so exciting!

  6. Cool blog! I've stumbled upon your blog awhile ago and here I am again! :D


I love hearing from you - it's my favorite part of blogging - and I'll respond to every single comment!

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